The Life and Career of Dave Filoni, Star Wars Hiatus, and More

star wars hiatus

In our 48th episode, we’re talking all about the life and career of the padawan himself, Dave Filoni. We also discuss the Star Wars movie hiatus, the journey to Rise of Skywalker books, and more.


Long Time Ago Radio is a fortnightly conversational podcast about Star Wars. Every episode we delve into a brand new topic and discuss the mythology, history, and news from the galaxy far far away. Whether you’re from the class of 77′ or Last Jedi was your first movie, you’re welcome here. Long Time Ago Radio aims to be a conversational and celebratory podcast for all types of fans. Our goal is to create an inclusive and fun environment for everyone, and delve into aspects of fandom many might not know about, or know very little.


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Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Spoilers, Celebration 2019 Details and Old Republic Rumors – Episode 45

star wars resistance

For our forty-fifth episode, we’re discussing the entire first season of Star Wars Rebels. Don’t worry though, we don’t talk about it till the end of the episode, so you can still listen to the front half of the show spoiler-free. We also discuss all of the panels coming to Star Wars Celebration next month, and the rumors that the Beniof and Weiss trilogy will take place in the Old Republic era.

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Galaxy’s Edge News Blowout, Video Game News, and More – Episode 44

galaxy's edge

For the forty-fourth episode of Long Time Ago Radio we’re talking all about the massive release of Galaxy’s edge details, the rides, the food the merch, everything. We also discuss the future of Star Wars video games, more celebration news, and some fun stuff.

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Toy Fair 2019 Wrap Up, Triple Force Friday, Celebration News, and Episode IX Wraps – Episode 43

episode ix

On this episode, Becky is still in France, but Josh and Alex soldier on with another news round-up episode, this time in the same room. We talk all about the stuff announced at Toy Fair this year, Triple Force Friday, and the filming wrap-up on episode IX.

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Diegetic Music In Star Wars – Episode 40

diegetic music

For our fortieth episode, we’re talking all about Diegetic music in Star Wars. Diegetic music, is the music that both the audience and characters hear, everything from the cantina band to Jedi Rocks. We also discuss some news about Carrie Fisher’s appearance in Star Wars Episode IX, newly released Galaxies Edge details, and more!

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